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Patricia Jacomella-Bonola

Patricia Jacomella-Bonola

Hofstrasse 16c
6300 Zug



Fotografie,  Installation,  Performance




Between the Lines
Strickschnur, Strick-Liesel
Performance at the exhibition
"Les jours éphémeres"
Künstlerhaus S11
20.04.2013 | 4:45'

Over the past 22 years I collected 23'764 shells from eggs that were consumed by me and my family in our everyday life.
The 23'764 egg shells (part of them coloured) were placed in circular form, covering the floor of several exhibition halls.
The public - being the main protanonist of the perfomance - would step on the circles, destroying them in short time, similar to sand mandalas.

TAGs: Interaktive Installtion, Performance

My clothes cost 1 Dollar
Work in Progress
Installation Detail
Dimension variable
156 One-dollar notes with crochet-lace and clothes-price.

TAGs: Ausbeutung, Gegensätze, Konsum, Wandinstallation

La vie suspendue
Installation Künstlerhaus S11, Solothurn

265 Medikamente-Packungsbeilagen
Seidenen Faden
Masse variabel
Ready for Christie's
Installation view

Fridericianum's Garden

Artificial sunflowers, black acrylic paint, tab

Some of Vincent van Gogh's most famous works are his Sunflower series. Sunflowers had a special significance for van Gogh. Yellow was van Gogh's favorite color. Yellow, for him, was an emblem of happiness, in Dutch literature, the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty.
On March 31, 1987 Japanese insurance magnate Yasuo Goto paid about US$ 40 million for van gogh's Still Life: Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers at auction at Christie's London, at the time a record-setting amount for a work of art.

TAGs: Garten Installation, Objektbruppe

Mattress, bottom sheet, comforter, pillow,
835 plastic bags, nautical map, vinyl text
Dimensions Variable

TAGs: bed, environment, habitat, Ocean, Plastic

I treat myself three times a day
Table, Tablecloth printed on Nylon 240 x 160 cm.

TAGs: Fotografie, Installation, Lebensmittel, Menschen

I treat myself three times a day
Installation Detail
Table, Tablecloth printed on nylon 160 x 240 cm.

TAGs: Emotionen, Fotografie, Gegensätze, Installation, Krieg, Menschen, Vergänglichkeit

Serie of 8 Photographs
Print on Canvas
40 x 60 cm

Gallery Billing Bild Baar

TAGs: Fashion, Fotografie, Mode, Textile Industry, Vermeer

Like You

6 Packungen mit Schnittmuster der gelben Seidenjacke, die Ehefrau Vermeers gehörte:
Frau Catharina Bolnes
je 27 x 18 x 7 cm
Masse variabel

Die Installation setzt sich mit den verschiedenen Facetten der Mode auseinander. Es geht um Kommunikation, Marken, Uniformität, Indivudualität aber auch die globalisierten Produktionsmethoden.

Mit diesem partizipativen Projekt biete ich dem Publikum das Werk selber zu reproduzieren.

TAGs: Fotografie, interaktive Installation, Objektgruppe

Interaktive Installation,
Tisch, Sessel, Stuhl, Schneiderpuppe, gelbe Seidenjacke, 250 Fragebogen, Gefäss, Bleistifte

Installtion Ansicht Galerie Billing Bild

Die Installation ist auf die aktive Teilnahme des Publikums ausgerichtet. Die Besucher sind eingeladen, sich mit dem Werke zu beschäftigen.

TAGs: Bewegung, Emotion, Installation, Menschen

The Presence
Kleid, Schneiderpuppe, Krinoline
5000 Kreise aus reflektierenden PVC
220 x 600 x 600 cm
749 Arbeitsstunden

TAGs: Dress, Fashion, hybrid, Illusion, Sculpture

Bilder einer Ausstellung
Digital Print
90 x 129 cm

Der Titel verweist auf die Mussorgski-Komposition "Bilder einer Ausstellung".

Dashboard Kunsthalle Luzern

TAGs: Fotografie, innen/aussen, Inszenierung

You Are Late
Interaction June 4th - 6th
Venice Biennale

Inkjet print Photographs various sizes,
glued to Biennale announcement posters.

The pictures were taken during the preview to the 55th Venice Biennale and was shown to the public three days after the opening.
The images are snapshots form behind the scenes of the Biennale, representing volatile moments, that can only be experienced for a few days.

TAGs: Fotografie, interaktive Installation

4'240'825 Bottles
10 Pigment Prints on Paper
50 x 70 cm
Ed. 5

Mound of bottles-granulated in the Dump Tännlimoos, Baar
Glass granutated: 0.8 mm
Height: 7.5 m
Surface: 452 mq
Volume: 1 130 m3
Weight: 1 620 412 Kg
Nr. of bottles: 4 240 825 ca.

TAGs: Emulsion, Fotografie, Harmonie, Inszenierte Fotografie, Paradies, Wandinstallation

Collateral event 54. La Biennale Venezia

E.T. Phone home: of the 1982 american science fiction film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" directed by Steven Spielberg.

(...) Hansel, however, had not eaten his bread, and as he walked through the wood, he left a trail of crumbs behind him to mark the way. The hungry birds that lived in the forest flew along behind and in no time, had eaten all the crumbs (...)

TAGs: Bewegung, interaktive Installation, Menschen

Unauthorized Holiday
4 Postcard-Holders with 52 Series of 10 Postcards.

I followed two unknown people and I spent 37 minutes of their holiday.

TAGs: beobachten, Betrachtung, Bewegung, Fotografie, Menschen, Perspektive, Position, Verfolgung, Wandinstallation

Happy End
Table, cat grass, red carpet, sofa, television set, painted dishes, red cushion.

TAGs: Glück, interaktive Installation, Rauminstallation, Spannung, Ungeduld

Last Supper
Video Still
Video 8'' loop
Marocco's Pavilion at the 51st Biennial of Art
Church of S.Maria della Pietà, Venice

TAGs: Emotionen, Geruch, Lebensmittel, Menschen, Video

214 Km
1800 Painted postcards
Dimension variable

TAGs: Bewegung, Erwartungen, interaktive Installation, Mensch, Rauminstallation

Public Space
Empty rolls of toilet paper
Gold foil
50 x 75 x 6 cm

TAGs: Objekt